Stone sculpture is the most ancient form of art expression of mankind, ever since the primitive man used stone to represent his achievements, his beliefs, his mystic vision. The stone has always had and will continue to have, the power to dazzle.

Stone Sculpture is a ancient art. I learned to work the different colours and textures of this noble material with passion and creativity, building new shapes and aesthetic movements whilst highlighting its natural beauty.


Every work of art is born from ideas. Sculptures embody a life filled with inspirational events, people and places.

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The following is an identification guide to several standard types of stone used in sculptures, carving, building construction and similar. The types covered are alabaster, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, soapstone...


Here we show you a tools selection for cut specific to the sculptor; the ones on the left are the iron traditional ones, they can be of stainless steel, completed by the different hammers.

On the right hand side the air compressed equivalent with tungsten edges and adapted upper part for the compressor hammer.

Os bedames, escacilhadores e ponteiros tungsténio são ferramentas pouco utilizadas.

Big and medium Bushhammers changeable head and small traditional Bushammer The air compressed steel hammer that substitutes the manual one with a similar range of teeth is assembled to the compressed hammer that gives a spinning back and forward that movement aloud a flat or convex surface to be moulded.

The choice of a material is usually influenced by the technic to be applied. For instance: THE CHISELING is when you remove the excess of volume using proper cutting tools for wood or stone. MODELING is when you assemble material until you achieve the desired visual effect for wax or clay. CASTING is when you fill up a mould with hot (liquefied Metal –normally bronze).

In Modern times, new technics like welding metallic parts, modelling with resin, concrete cement or plastics, or even the use of coherent light to create a tri-dimension illusion, have been tried and only time will tell which of those will last (survive)


Sculpture is an expression of Plastic art that reproduces a shape in total relief (Tri-dimensional) or bas-relief. They are several technics of working materials, like chiselling, melting metal into a cast (bronze) or the conglomerate of particles to create a 0bject. Several materials can be used for this art, some everlasting like bronze or marble and others easer to work like clay, wax or wood. Although those can be used to represent something or even nothing at all. Traditionally the biggest goal has always been to replicate the Human body or the anthropomorphic divinity. Is considered the fourth of the Classic Arts.

Through the major part of history, the works of art that have better survived were made of stronger and longer lasting materials as marmore, limestone, granite or metals (Bronze, Gold, silver). Or that used technics to improve the durability of certain materials (Like clay, terracotta) also applying noble organic materials (hard resistant woods like ebony, Palisander, ivory or amber).

But generally speaking, although you can carve in anything that stands for at least a few hours, as planned shapes (in butter, ice, wax, plaster, wet sand), those ephemera works cannot be appreciated by a non-contemporary public.

Towards time, some specific forms of sculpture were more often used than others: The bust , a kind of portrait from the epoch mighty; equestrian statues, typically showing the powerful lord on his horse; water fountains, especially in Rome to celebrate (crown) those fabulous aqueducts where the streaming water had an important role; Statue representing a person or a God (divinity) in anthropomorphic shape; High or low-relief the way to depict a story in stone or metal; Furniture, normally used in gardens.



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Art frames the spaces, shapes emotions and induces conversations.
Enjoy its presence!